Commercial Concrete Design Services

Commercial floors

US Concrete Design is Southern California's top choice for commercial concrete enhancement services. We help businesses improve their appeal of their concrete floors, stairways, walkways and more.

Your Concrete is Our Canvas!

If you are considering upgrading the look of the concrete of your business, or repair problems with your concrete, we are an excellent solution provider.

Here are just a few services we can provide for your business:

  • Repair cracks and chips
  • Resurface your conrete to give it a stone or other natural surface look and feel.
  • Color stain your concrete to upgrade and enhance your existing concrete.
  • Give your concrete an entirely new look like granite, stone, flagstone or other textures
  • Seal your concrete for added durability.
  • Whatever you can imagine, we can create.

Here are some of the concrete areas in your business that we can improve:

  • Showrooms: We have many solutions for boring and drab gray cement floors that greatly improve the appeal for your showroom floor. Our options add significant durability and are specially made for high traffic and high visibility areas. Our solutions have a very long life and cost only a fraction of other solutions such as tile, terrazzo, granite or marble.
  • Waiting Rooms: Instead of spending much more to tile your waiting room, consider our solutions that give you much more. We can give your waiting rooms a premiere look for a fracton of the cost of other flooring solutions. Your floors can have texture like a flagstone or tile, or it can be shiny and smooth. All of our concrete enhancements provide much greater durability and are much easier to clean and keep clean.
  • Shop Floors: With US Concrete Design, your shop floors can be a showpiece in a matter of days. Our concrete solutions range from staining and sealing to acrylic coatings that seal and protect. We can give your shop floors a greatly improved image while adding significant durability and resistance to shop chemicals including automotive fluids and more.
  • Walkways, stairways and driveways: We can fix your damage walkway, stairway and driveway concrete and refinish the concrete with a much improved look and feel. Our solutions not only take your concrete from boring and drab to beautiful, they also significantly can improve the durability and resistance to stains and damage. Our solutions greatly improve the curb appeal of your business.

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